Sunday, January 17, 2010

Masterpiece Theater...uh. Theatre

I've enjoyed watching Return to Cranford on Masterpiece Theatre. Did you see the first Cranford series? The characters of Miss, Matty, Miss Pole, and Mrs. Forrester are charming, adorable, full of life!

If you follow the link above you can actually view the series online, for a limited time.

This series makes me laugh and smile and then throw my hands up in despair when then kill off another character! But finally, just finally, they killed off a person that was less-than-stellar in character! Whew!

And, in the end, Love Prevails. Doesn't that always make a girl happy?

And here's a face that makes me smile!

The puppy is doing better on house training. Finally!

I took the little tyke out every two hours when we first got her. And it was during the cold snap! And still, I'd take her and as soon as she got in the house, she would go. Little twerp.

So I gave up with the schedule. I started letting her run with the Big Dogs. And, I think she's finally getting it! She has her soft bed back in her crate as she has finally stopped peeing in her crate and she's getting a little bit more freedom around the house. Good job, Buttercup!

Brady and Buttercup enjoy a good wrestlin' match every day. Brady is so much bigger but he's very easy with her, no matter how ferocious he looks! He lays on his back and lets Buttercup be the upright wrestler.

It's pretty entertaining.

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