Wednesday, April 14, 2010

R.I.P. Favorite Spatula

R.I.P. small, defenseless, Pampered Chef spatula. Some may have called you a scraper but I always called you "dependable" You were my favorite and you were there for me.

I should never have let husband misuse you.

The first time husband grabbed you and then walked towards the slush in the blender, I was able to intercept your fate by running ahead and turning off the blender.

But hubby would not be deterred.

The second attempt was your downfall. The motor on the blender was running. I could not get there in time. In one quick movement, hubby placed you in the running blender and you met your end.

And heartbreaken does not begin to described how I felt. How I still feel. I still feel a flash of white-hot anger in what he had done to you. You were gone. You were gone.

We had 12 good years together. Longer than some marriages last, actually.

But you are gone. He remains.

Now where is pampered chef online?

1 comment:

  1. I understand completely! My hubby once dropped an antique silver spoon into the garbage disposal...while it was running. Thanks for your visit and sweet note on our Venetian wedding.