Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Greetings!

Finally! It's the last day of school before the Christmas break and it's starting to feel like Christmas! My kids are pumped. They have been doing tons of homework every night and they're excited about Christmas and about getting a break from homework!

I took DD2 to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring the Rockettes last night and it was...Spectacular! It was a wonderful show and we had a lovely time!

The costumes, the sets, the dancing were all amazing.

I didn't know what to expect from the show--a lot of high kicks of course, but how many kicks can make up a show? It definitely wasn't overdone.

One of my favorite numbers was the 24 (25?) dancing Santas. Imagine a large, group of Santas, all dressed alike in bright red and white costumes. Now imageine them dancing in perfect precision on a mat black background. So striking! And the choreography was just fun, fun, fun!
I would definitely recommend this show as a fun, family outing.

Here's a lovely vintage graphic from Cyndy's site -- Bon Secours Orphange. You can see the other lovely e-cards she has posted and check out information for Bon Secours. Take a moment and drop by!

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