Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow day!

So far today we have received 7.3 inches of snow. The record is 7.8 inches. It's still snowing. Who knows? Maybe we'll break the record!

These are kinda wimpy pictures but they do show the accumulation. We do not get snow in North Texas that often. Not every winter. Not every other winter. Just...sometimes. And this is our third snow this season.

Today wasn't a "snow day" at school. The temperature never dropped below freezing, despite the snow accumulating on unpaved surfaces. The roads were slushy, but not frozen. But that will change tonight. It is suppose to freeze tonight. Slush will become ice and tomorrow, school is on a two-hour start delay. The kids are happy for that though they'd prefer the whole day off!

Those snow days are fun--but you always have to make them up.


  1. hello! You won my little giveaway:) Shoot me an email with your info and I'll send you your loot.

    have a happy day.

  2. ACK! I can't believe that's your backyard! Last time I was there we were in SHORTS! One of the exhibitors this past weekend came from Ft. Worth & she said it was ok because they knew it would be gone soon! Thanks for the pix!