Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Snow Day pics!

Just wanted to share what we did on our snow day...

A big, red (pink?) heart,

a snow bunny,

and...snow cones. (those were Em's idea!)

And where are the older two children? Absent from the snow, for certain. They did not participate in the revelry of the snow. They were happy to hang out inside where it was warm and DRY. This snow was so wet! It wasn't staying warm that was a problem, it was trying to stay dry.

But Em and I had fun.

Today, Buttercup went in for her spay surgery. Wow! She's six months already. It's quieter around here this morning without her playing and running around.

Aw, enough cuteness.

What's the opposite of cute? How about cleaning the fridge -shudder-. Ugh, well it's just gotta be done. Maybe I'll just have to look at puppy pics when I'm done.

Buttercup is suppose to ready to be picked up between 3-5. She'll need some down time to recover but I know the kids (and I) will be ready to have her back!

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