Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sign me up!

I am loving the pattern Eventide by Carrie Nelson and Thelma, of Cupcakes and Daisies is doing a quilt along. Sign me up. Well, sign me up now that I haven't been selected for Jury duty. Whew! I had a lot on my plate this week and didn't want to add too much civic duty to it.

One of my favorite design elements of this pattern is the large, blue stars. And it is so pretty in the cover picture. I love the Luna Notte line; but I'm thinking of trying something different. But I will still have the pretty, blue that I can use for the large stars.

So I'm thinking of using "Delilah" by Tanya Whelan. It's very pretty and I could find some secondary fabrics from this inspiration fabric.

Do you have any of this fabric? What are your plans for "Delilah"?

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