Monday, February 28, 2011

Digging out the fabric

I do not have enough Tanya Whelan "Delilah" to make Eventide, so I'm audtioning some fabrics from the stash.

So I laid them all out on the window seat and thought I'd check them out.

Here are the darks.

And here are the some pinks.

And here's some ideas for the Ohio star backgrounds.

And of course the all important blues!

And some medium greens for interest.

One more look at the fabric:

I spy some Red Rose Farm fabric by Elizabeth Scott, some Quilt Soup, one piece of Holly Holderman, a little bit of Flower Sugar, and some bits of pieces of lines I do not know.

I'm nervous about just picking out colors and right now, I think everything is a bit matchy matchy. I need to add a bit more contrast so I'll be heading back to the fabric bins and digging for something to add a pop!

I meant to sew some this weekend but my machine had been put up and hubby is enjoying the clean living room and wasn't too keen on helping me drag the sewing machine out! I sew in the living room. It makes a huge mess (you know all about that) and I think he was enjoying the clutter-free feeling for the weekend.

But the weekend is over and I'm ready to tear things up. I need to ride this wave of energy and get something done! I usually stall and I'm not great about finishing up quilt projects. Do you have that problem? What's your least favortie part of the quilt-making process?

Binding? Bleh! Basting? Double bleh! Those are the parts I REALLY do not like.

But I worked on a donation quilt last week and those parts, while not my favorite, were really not that bad. I tried spray adhesive for the first time, and while stinky, it worked pretty easily. And binding? I watched a couple of "how-tos" on Youtube and had NO problems! I'll share those here in a post when I can post pics of the donation quilt. Those blocks were made by the students and were a bear! to put together.

Gotta dash! It's off to the Middle School library for a bit of volunteer work. The fabrics will just have to wait until later in the day.


  1. Lovely choices... Good luck!

  2. I love your fabric choices! They will make a beautiful quilt!
    I do truly love all the steps in quilting. If I had to rank them, I guess basting would be the most boring, but I spend that time creating the quilting design in my head, so it's all good!

  3. I got about half my blocks made and up on the design wall, and completely changed my mind about the colors in my large hour glass blocks! Sometimes you just have to get some blocks made and see how they all "play together". You can always make some changes if things aren't to your liking.

  4. So many pretty fabrics! I love it and can't wait to see how it turns out.