Monday, April 4, 2011

Are We There Yet?

The sewing machine is hot--I'm not. Give me an advil (and a few more hours!)

When's the EXACT deadline? ha!

I'll keep sewing so please check back soon as I try to finish putting everything together!

I plan on taking some daylight pics and hope that will make a difference in showing the colors.

I like them. But I'm still critical of the way it looks. I do not dislike it but hope the colors will show more true with natural light instead of "in the middle of the night" light in the living room.

I've under-estimated HOW long it takes to re-cut everything. I mean, trim the pieces to size after I've sewn the squares. Did you "square" everything before you pieced the quilt?

I swear my right arm and forearme have gained twice as much muscle from all the cutting, trimming, and trimming!


  1. Wow, Sharrie - I love the colors and fabrics you used. Your Eventide is awesome!!

  2. Your Eventide is gorgeous ! Your choice of fabrics are perfect !

  3. Holy Smokes! I just don't have the brain for that. But I sure would love to have that on my bed.....
    Do not be too critical!!! It's amazing!!