Monday, November 9, 2009

Fall in Progress

This tree is quite lovely in the fall.

It turns bright yellow and then immediately turns to this:

Same tree, three days later. Look at all the leaves on the ground!

And the best thing's not my tree, it's the neighbor's.

But these are in my yard...

I've never had a clematis in November. October was very cool and mild. And you can see the little blue morning glory behind. They are such a lovely shade of blue this year. They kinda cross-pollinate and I end up with purple, light blue, purpley blue, and bluey purple.

These seem really BLUE. With purple-pink centers.

But no wide-angle shot of the garden. The morning glories, though pretty, are very aggressive and have TAKEN OVER the garden. But they're growing, they're pretty, and the color makes me really happy.

And another note of happy--DS finally let me cut his hair. No more busy mop-top. Now it's a choppy, stylish, head of hair. He is a wild man no more!

And Happy Birthday Brady! It's not really his birthday but we adopted him a year ago. And he celebrated by making a huge mess in his crate--at 4:00 this morning. Ugh! So today I got to give him a celebratory cold shower out in the back yard. I got to scrub the floor, scrub the kitchen walls (he did a doggie shake on the way to the backyard), scrub his crate, scrub the crate's plastic insert, and scrub the doggie bed. Eeeeew! And we'll celebrate again tomorrow when he gets to visit the vet for a yearly checkup! Happy adoption Brady!


  1. Beautiful flowers (oh what a green thumb you have)! Happy Bday to Brady1

  2. Aw, thanks! I just take the pictures--I don't know if it counts as "growing" them since they reseed themselves. Enjoying pretty flowers always makes me think of Matthew 6:28-34.