Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying to focus...

I pulled out these fabrics today and drafted a pattern.

I'm interested in putting this quilt together so I can take it to Whitesboro and have someone quilt it for me.

What's in Whitesboro?
1. Quilt Shop
2. Lovejoys
3. Franky, a beagle puppy.

But I emailed today and Franky has already been adopted. Hmm, will this derail the quilt project? No ulterior motive to get it finished! No puppy to visit, so no need to finish the quilt to take to quilter in Whitesboro. Nahhh, I'll work on it.

I went shopping for fabric today with Christy. She is looking for fabric to finish out some pre-made curtains. She'd like to add a contrasting band to the bottom to lengthen the ready-made curtains and I've offered to walk her thru it. I think we found a winner! And we saw some lovely curtain samples made with contrasting bands on the bottom. The visual was good because I can picture the end product now. I think Christy will be very pleased with the results!

So, there I was, in a fabric store and, yes, I didn't need more fabric. But... I purchased a yard of lovely, poison-green silk for $12. Yes, another project! The plan, make a long scarf to spruce up an outfit for the upcoming holidays. I love silk. It's so shimmery and has a lovely luminescence to it. And it was green.

Wait! There's more-- I've signed up for an ornament exchange. Make lovely items! Send them to people you don't know! Get a lovely ornament in return! Sounds like fun!

Click on the ad on the side and you can join! Add another project to your list!


  1. Another ornament exchange! I'm kind of bummed that I missed the sign-ups--I love getting mail this time of year.