Friday, November 20, 2009

Rain and rain today

I walked out into the yard this evening and the ground is absolutely soggy. A crepe myrtle we transplanted a couple weekends ago has fallen over on the ground. That should be fun to try and stake back up. The poor thing is dry and crunchy already and looks the worse for wear. I was just hoping it would go dormant and then Spring! to life in the spring. Only time will tell.

thanksgiving Pictures, Images and Photos

So are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? I talked to my older brother today and suggested to him that he fry a turkey this year! He has agreed to do it! I haven't had a fried turkey in several years. I bought a huge container of peanut oil at Costco and mom said she has a turkey in the freezer. We're set!

Here's a picture of both of the puppies. Delilah is the small fluffy dog (we're not really sure what kind of mix she is, but she's very soft and has an underbite) and Brady, introduced earlier, is on the right, a terrier, corgi mix. They're both good dogs and we enjoy their company immensely. We've had Brady one year now and Delilah for 10 months. We adopted each one from a pet-rescue group (two different ones). They are very sweet dogs and a fun addition to the family.

Tomorrow is the Rock Show! My husband loves rocks and minerals and the Dallas Gem and Mineral Society will have their show at the Resistol Arena in Mesquite. It's very kid-friendly and there are several games where the kids can win...what else?! The kids have been going since they were itty bitty and they enjoy it.

One of the attractions at the show is the Rock Table. Check out their website!

This isn't a picture of the whole exhibit. All the food items are actually stone, rocks or minerals. It's fun to see and the exhibitors are very nice and will answer any questions you may have. We've even donated rocks in the past (though we always forget to look for them).

It's fun to shop and meet the vendors. They are so friendly and offer lots of information on rocks and minerals.

I've received my swap partners (receivers?) for the two Christmas swaps I posted about earlier. I'll be working on projects this week. Some old stand-by crafts and perhaps a new one. I'll let you know how they turn out.

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