Friday, March 5, 2010

Jelly Roll Quilt-A-Long

I was going to take a "before" picture of the "Crazy 8" jelly roll by Sandy Gervais. But we've seen jelly rolls before, right?

I attempted to re-roll the fabric. It's still pretty--just not as neat! Kinda brings to mind the saying about putting toothpaste back in the tube--it just doesn't work.

Look at the fun colors.

And when you put them together, what do you get?

Not perfect, but it's a start!

And another shot of Buttercup! She's recovering from her spay surgery and still full of energy!

Silly girl.

And...a shot of her looking like she's resting (she really isn't!) She's just a poser. She loves to jump and wrestle. We're still working with her on her puppy manners, so no jumping up on the family!

But I love it when she's in the "down" pose. It show her cute, short legs. And she does do the "down" command pretty well. She's very quick to hit the ground--she doesn't have far to go--bless those little legs!


  1. Hi, thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog, which is so not updated! I love your little dog, what a sweet heart! To answer you question, yes the flowers are forsythia and I bought the jar at an antique shop in VT.

  2. Buttercup is adorable! And you've reminded me of how much I miss quilting!

    Mom Barb