Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Rose Bouquet

It is starting to get hot here in North Texas. I'm sure we will see a bit more stress on the plants as summer starts to roll in.

I did go out and gather a few roses to make a bouquet. Husband was very proud of the bouquet--after all, they are HIS roses.

And another view of the same bouquet...

This vase worked well with the short-stemmed roses. It's from Southern LIving at Home collection and has a sort of "frog" that sits on the top of the vase. I haven't looked at the items they currently have available but I also have a couple of different versions of this vase--just longer, shorter and differnt colors. They really help if you're not comfortable in your flower arranging skills.

Wait! After a little more research, it appears that that vase is still available. Check out the Southern Living at Home website, click on catalog, and go to page 26. It is a lovely, simple vase that will compliment your arrangements.


  1. What beautiful roses. This is actually one flower I can grow. Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you have a great day, Theresa