Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm a Lucky Girl

Don't you love it when UPS or USPS visits?

In the past week I've received these from Delta Patchwork out of Tennessee. They were super quick in shipping and check out the lovely wrapping. One is still wrapped nicely. The other one was ripped into before thinking of taking pictutes

A present? For me?! Of course (I ordered it). But it's wrapped so prettily!

I was able to find some fabulous LakeHouse fabrics by Holly Holderman. The dots are "frosted" in this line. Have you seen them? They are shiny and shimmer in the fabric. So cool! Click on the pics for an upclose look.

And some Flower Sugar by Lucien and some Robert Kaufman Elephant Parade and Animals.

I'm tickled to find the Flower Sugar. It's bright but soft. Fresh but vintage. It just really appeals to me. And I haven't found in the LQS or online stores in Texas that I peruse. I'm really pleased to find them. The florals are so pretty and polka dots are colorful and sweet.

And the elephants are for my youngest daughter, who is 12. She had (and still has) an elephant lovey as a toddler. We might be on replacement Ellie #3 (thank goodness for eBay) but she's still a treasured item. So when I see elephant fabric, I pick up a little bit for my daugher. She does like sewing and has pieced her own quilt. This will, perhaps, give her a summer project.

But wait, I ordered more (I was on a roll)

From the Quilted B I received a few more pieces of Lakehouse and some Lucien. Their shop is out of Washington, so their package had a little further to travel, but I received it very quickly.

Wrapped nicely in cellophane and wrapped with a "Quilted B" ribbon, this package included a present for me! See the little four-patch cushion? It is made with a brown button, a little piece of the "Quilted B" ribbon and stuffed with walnut hulls. It is also sweetly scented and so adorable. Even the little, attached tag with the Bee and hand-written "Thank You" is a really, lovely touch. Thanks Quilted B! Handwritten? Unbelieveable! When was the last time you received something written out? Me? It's been awhile and I do appreciate the personal touch.

I was still shopping and was looking some Moda for the Farmer's Wife Sampler (FWS) I'm working on. I ordered a Moda StashBag and an American Jane Snippets Layer Cake from the Quilt Shoppe (they're the hosts of the Spring Bingo). This package traveled from California and made it here speedy quick!

Included was a free, pretty floral fat quarter. The Moda pack is a lovely assortment that I'll definitely use for the FWS qult. Love the William Morris print on top. It also has pieces of fabric from Fig Tree line. There was one bright juvenile print-a pretty blue with bright butterflies. A good StashBag!

In ordering from all three shops, I found their online shops easy to browse and shop in. If some shops are confusing, I usually give up. As you can see by the bundles I received, that wasn't the case here. All were easy to look and search for fabrics and the check out carts were easy to maneuver and understand.

So there are my endorsements for The Quilt Shoppe, The Quilted B, and Delta Patchwork. Thank you for the lovely customer service. It is greatly appreciated.

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  1. GORGEOUS bundles of fabric!!!! Ooh I feel inspired looking at all those different fabrics! I am impressed with the wrapping and how lovely to receive a special gift- so thoughtful!