Thursday, June 3, 2010

Quilt block(s) update

I've finished Block #7 on the Jelly Roll Quilt Along

And I've started the Farmer's Wife Sampler. Have you seen the book?

Mother's Dream #58

and Farmer's Daughter #32.

I've joined the Yahoo group and I've been scouring the wonderful hints they have there. I'm not a great piecer. But I'm practicing. And you know what they say about practice....

Today's the kids' last day of school. They are sooo excited! Me--all that extra cooking and cleaning will take away from any little sewing time I might have. But the company is good! I enjoy having them around. But two out of the three are teenagers, so their mood and mine can change at any moment!


  1. I'm doing the Jelly Roll blocks too. They are a lot of fun! It's lovely to see all the different fabric combos!

  2. wow its like christmas morning for you lol!!! Are you going to be making this bag also? I liked it alot, i think im going to have to make myself one also.