Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm a Wiener!!

I recently participated in Moda's Pillow Talk blog hop and visited the blogs of various Moda designers. I'm a big Moda fan and had visted several of these blogs already, but did discover a couple of new fabric designers.

The final visit was to the famous Moda Lissa and there I discovered that I was NOT the grand prize winner. But Lissa had very graciously picked 20 additional participants and she is set to mail them.... something. I don't know what it is--but I'm excited! I'll share my "surprise" as soon as it appears.

I made chocolate mousse from scratch this week. I found the recipe on Have you used any of their recipes before? Any favorites?

I also like to use Tasty Kitchen recipes. But I'm usually using what Google finds for me. I also use Southern Living recipes but don't like their website because of the automatic videos and pop-ups that try evade my pop-up blocker. No fun!

But here are a couple of pics of the chocolate mousse in progress. At least the pics are calorie-free!

Here is the melted chocolate and cooked egg yolks side-by-side with the whipped cream.

And then fold the two together.

I used Baker's Chocolate that I bought at Walmart. The mousse was delicious! Ina Garten has a Lemon Mousse recipe that my kids want me to try. So maybe lemon will be next!

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