Friday, March 25, 2011

Cutting almost done...

I have the the small Ohio Stars cut out and I'm looking at what I want to use for the big stars on the Eventide quilt.

I'm trying to think of a mix of mostly warm, medium colors for the small stars with some cool colors in the mix. And then use medium-light cool colors for the large stars.

I love the light blue! And the green next to it is pretty. The green though, is still debatable. I'll audition it and see how it works!

Is it better further away? The fabric, NOT the room! The room is only good in close-ups, extreme close-ups!

And outside the azalea is making me very happy! What a trooper. I didn't think it would do well after all the cold, freezing weather we had in February. (Remember the Super Bowl? The ice? The snow?)

And I'm behind in yard work. I have these lovely plants just rearin' to get planted.

Oh,and I have company coming over today. Yikes! Gotta work on the house because they won't be looking at it in those better-looking close ups. It will be Wide Shots! Gotta boogie!

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  1. When I was selecting the fabrics for the large hour glass blocks, the question I had to ask was, did I want the secondary large star pattern to stand out or recede. I decided I wanted my quilt to be more about the smaller Ohio Stars and went with a more subtle look. One of the gals who is participating in the sew along has decided to do her large stars in a bold dark brown, and it looks great. It is all a matter of what pleases your eye in the end!