Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi There

Hi There.

Buttercup says "Hi".

This is an in-focus picture of Buttercup. The rest--pretty blurry. The back light from the window shows the pink in her ears. So sweet!

Buttercup doesn't like to get her picture taken. Especially close up. But she loves for the kids to hold her and she just is so relaxed when they pick her up. But you pull out the camera and she starts wiggling.

And here is more evidence of spring. There are more flowers in bloom in my yard and flowerbeds every day.

The azalea is ALMOST ready to burst! It is "the" azalea bush--I only have one.

I use to baby this azalea bush. I would feed it it's special diet of miracle grow azalea food in the fall. I would cover it any time the temperature dropped below freezing. And the result would be--no blooms. Maybe a dozen flowers at the bottom of the bush and that would be it!

But for the past five years I've ignored the silly thing and it's gone bloom crazy.

No complaints here. I love the purple-pink color and today, maybe today, the blooms will finish opening.

I planted Ajuga in the front flowerbed because I thought the leaves were an interesting dark purple contrast to the Lambs ear plant. I didn't know it bloomed! Duh! What a very pleasant surprise. My mom never planted Ajuga so I know nothing about it.

That's one of the fun things about gardening. There are so many different types of plants, that there is always something to learn. I think we tend to gravitate towards the plants we remember from our youth. The things that are familiar.

There are several plants that I love that do not grow here in North Texas especially peonies and lilacs. Those are some of my favorites. Some gardeners have had success with peonies but I haven't prepped a special bed for them yet. I'm still trying to decide where I could plant them and they might succeed.

What's blooming in your area?

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