Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Springing Forth

The air feels softer.

It's warm, cool and moist, all at the same time.

There's a breeze. Then here's a gale. It feels like spring.

The redbuds are budding.

The hyacinths are blooming. They have returned from last year.

And a tiny, muscari grape hyacinth.

Of course, with all these blooms, come pollen and allergies. I think that the cedar and the oak pollen are the worst.

I'm trying out some herbs I bought at the health food store and they're actually working. When I take OTC allergy meds, I really dislike the side effects - drowsiness or hyperactivity. I feel like I'm constantly napping when I take the OTC meds or my heart is constantly racing. I don't care for feeling either way!

Are you enjoying spring? Or are you suffering from allergies? Do you have spring fever? Has spring sprung where you live?

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  1. Awwh I commented before i saw this post. There is such special place in my heart for Grape Hyacinth... when I lived in Texas, my mother and I shared them and planted them wherever we were.
    Blessed memories!